Slides from presentations will be made available as we receive them from speakers. In some instances slides may not be made available until the event is finished or potentially not at all if speakers do not have permission to make slides available to the public. All slides that we do receive will be made available.

Leaving Your Comfort Zone - Garmin and Cloud Foundry (View Slides)
Alex Curtis, Garmin; Brandon Henry, Garmin; Bobby Hubbard, Garmin; Jonathan Regehr, Garmin

Building a Robust Cloud Foundry (HA, Security and DR) (View Slides)
Haydon Ryan, Pivotal; Duncan Winn, Pivotal

Running Cloud Foundry at Comcast (View Slides)
Tim Leong, Comcast

Migrating a Monolithic App to Microservices on Cloud Foundry (View Slides)
Brian K. Martin, IBM; Tony Erwin, IBM

A Year of Innovation: Cloud Foundry Lessons Learned (View Slides)
Richard Leurig, CoreLogic

12 Factor Apps For Operations (View Slides)
Rags Srinivas, EMC; Matt Cowger, EMC

Making the Leap (View Slides)
Richard Seroter, CenturyLink

Cloud Foundry and IoT Protocol Support (View Slides)
Atul Kshirsagar, GE Software

10 common errors when pushing applications to CloudFoundry (View Slides)
Junjie Cai, IBM

Managing Hybrid Deployments Using Cloud Foundry on Azure (View Slides)
Ning Kuang & Kundana Palagiri, Azure Compute

Managing Multiple Cloud with a Single BOSH Deployment (View Slides)
Alexander Lomov and Alan Moran, Altoros

Rocking the Lattice: A New Path for Cloud Foundry Applications (View Slides)
James Bayer and Colin Humphreys, CloudCredo

Let Diego Manage Your Docker Application (View Slides)
Georgi Sabev, SAP

Psycho Security - End to End Encryption  (View Slides)
Jon Price, Intel

Finding and Organizing a Great Cloud Foundry User Group (View Slides)
Daniel Krook, Manuel Silveyra, Animesh Singh

Simplifying Services with the Apache Brooklyn Catalog: The CF Brooklyn Service Broker and Plugin (View Slides)
Alex Heneveld, CloudSoft and Robert Moss, CloudSoft

Cloud Foundry Logging & Metrics (View Slides)
Colin Humphreys, CloudCredo and Ed King, CloudCredo

Service Foundry (View Slides)
Marco Hochstrasser and Colin Humphreys, CloudCredo

How to Adapt Cloud Foundry to Organizations’ Contexts? (View Slides)
Guillaume Berche, Orange

Case Study: Orange Labs & Cloud Foundry (View Slides)
Guillaume Berche, Orange

A Glimpse at Runtime (View Slides)
Daniel Lavine, Zachary Auerbach

Data Science on Cloud Foundry (View Slides)
Ian Huston, Alexander Kagoshima

Launching the Next Generation Satellite Ground System on Cloud Foundry and Microservices (View Slides)
Mark Carlson, ECS Team; Steve Wall, ECS Team;  Mike Wierzbinksi, DigitalGlobe

Why we Picked CF as the Basis for our Public Cloud Multi-Tenant Platform (View Slides)
Michael Root, EMC and Jeroen van Rotterdam, EMC

Using Service Brokers to Manage Data Lifecycle (View Slides)
Joshua Kruck, Pivotal Software

Norouter: Running Cloud Foundry Without the Gorouter (View Slides)
Mike Heath, LDS Church

A Developer's Perspective on Cloud Foundry Operations: One Month in the Trenches (View Slides)
Cornelia Davis, Director, Platform Engineering at Pivotal

From 0 to Core Contributor (View Slides)
Simon Leong, IBM and Derek Richard, IBM

Forget About Scripting (View Slides)
Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface Team