Community Diversity Lunch

Cloud Foundry Diversity Lunch & Program

Sponsored By Pivotal

Monday, May 11, 2015 - 12:00-1:30pm
Hyatt Santa Clara (adjacent to the Santa Clara Convention Center)
Lafayette Room, 2nd Level

We invite all women attending Cloud Foundry Summit 2015 to join us for this special luncheon and program featuring Robin Hauser Reynolds, the amazing filmmaker behind the new documentary, “CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap” and a moderated panel on “Diversity in an Open Source Community” featuring Rachel Reinitz (IBM), Malini Bhandaru (Intel), Sheryl Chamberlain (Capgemini), Cornelia Davis (Pivotal) and Eileen Evans (HP) and moderated by Abby Kearns (Pivotal).
The focus of the conversation will be on gender diversity. The intent is to broadly address diversity at a future event, and continuing conversations to foster inclusiveness in the community. We hope this event fosters an ongoing conversation on the need for a diverse open source community. 
Diversity BoF
To foster further discussions at the event, and to expand the conversation ourside of gender diversity we are offering a Diversity BoF on Tuesday, May 12th, also led by Abby Kearns. For more information, click here. There is no need to RSVP and all attendees are welcome to join.

Please click here to RSVP to the event. Seating is limited so if you plan to attend, we encourage you to let us know immediately. Please note that this event is only open to Cloud Foundry Summit attendees that are women/identify as a woman.

Thank You To Our Speakers & Panelists

Malini Bhandaru

Malini Bhandaru, Ph.D., Intel, is an architect and engineering manager with the Open source Technology Center at Intel.  She has been involved with OpenStack for nearly three years.  Her interests span security, key management, access control, dynamic resource scheduling, network function virtualization, and scalability. She co-authored the “OpenStack Security Guide”. Prior to her open source cloud endeavors she worked on power and performance aspects of Intel’s Xeon server product line.  Before joining Intel she worked at Nuance, Verizon, and several start-ups in Massachusetts. She has two patents granted and nine more pending evaluation. She has a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She volunteers for science education activities, computer literacy, and had the unique opportunity, through Intel, to develop an Android application to assist farmers with their fertilizer needs and field trial the same in Bangladesh and India. Malini lives in the Bay Area with her husband and sons, enjoys friends, gardening, and hiking.

Sheryl Chamberlain

Sheryl Chamberlain, strategic global leader and diversity advocate who collaboratively creates hi-growth, transformational and innovative solutions, is best known for energizing and inspiring others with a vision of what is possible.  Well recognized through many awards, Sheryl thrives on tackling challenges and solving complicated problems with an open style of building trust and community.  Sheryl ethically navigates organizations to create and achieve future-focused, brand enhancing opportunities. 

Cornelia Davis

A self-proclaimed propeller head, Cornelia Davis is Director of Platform Engineering in the Cloud Foundry team at Pivotal, where she helps customers and partners develop and execute on their cloud platform strategies. Fundamentally responsible for making enterprises successful with the Cloud Foundry PaaS, you can generally find her knee deep in the (OSS) code base, writing apps and deploying them onto the PaaS, teaching at a whiteboard, presenting at conferences and passionately driving new features into the product. 
When not doing those things you can find her on the yoga mat or in the kitchen.

Eileen Evans

Eileen Evans is the Vice President and Deputy General Counsel of Cloud Computing and Open Source for Hewlett-Packard Company. In her role, Eileen leads and manages legal support for cloud computing and open source at HP. Eileen also leads open source legal strategy and open source program management for HP. In her role, Eileen is representing HP on the OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors and is actively participating in other cloud-related open source communities. Prior to joining HP in 2010, Eileen was a Director and Associate General Counsel at Sun Microsystems (and then Oracle Corporation following its acquisition of Sun) for nearly 12 years. In addition to her open source experience at Sun and HP, Eileen has spoken on various intellectual property and open source topics at conferences in the United States and in Europe and with the European Commission and Members of the European Union Parliament.

Abby Kearns

Abby Kearns is responsible for Technical Marketing for Pivotal Cloud Foundry, the industry-leading cloud native platform. Her focus is on bringing Pivotal Cloud Foundry to the market, and to drive a broader market awareness of Platform as a Service. She is a 16-year technology veteran with a career that has spanned product marketing, product management, and consulting services at Verizon, Totality, EDS, and Sabre.

Rachel Reinitz

Rachel Reinitz is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO of IBM BlueMix Garage.  The Bluemix Garages are new consulting labs housed in startup communities that partner with clients of all sizes to design and develop engaging apps and transform how development is done.  Rachel is a leader of IBM’s adoption of Cloud Foundry as the basis for IBM BlueMix, IBM’s PaaS offering. She leads clients on adoption of new technologies and is currently focused applying agile methods to building cloud applications with clients.  She is a frequent conference presenter and article/blog author. One of her blogs is You can follow her at @rreinitz.

Robin Hauser Reynolds

As both a business woman and a longtime professional photographer, Robin brings her creative eye and leadership skills to the CODE documentary project. Her years in fine art photography give her a keen vision for the artistic design of CODE; her experience in the business world affords her a unique perspective on what it takes to change an industry. Previously, Robin co-directed and produced the documentary feature, Running for Jim, which won 14 awards at 16 film festivals in the U.S. and abroad. Robin received her BA from UC Berkeley and her MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management. She has spoken about the importance of increased diversity in computer programming at the Global World Congress, SXSW Interactive Conference, AT&T Foundry FutureCast. As Director of CODE documentary, Robin has been featured in national publications: USA Today, Wired, Forbes, Fast Company, San Francisco Business Times.